AtéCé invests in expanding production capacity of washcloth rolls

Image caption: Product manager Bernard van Stegeren (left) and team leader converting Srdjan Velinovic in front of the new fully automatic system for the production of PressClean washcloth rolls.
IMAGE made by Photographer Giuseppe Toppers | Danto

At AtéCé Graphic Products, at the Converting Center in Alkmaar, a new fully automatic system for manufacturing washcloth rolls was recently installed. “This system is a tailor-made solution,” says Bernard van Stegeren, senior product manager. “It was developed especially for us, and in accordance with our own specifications. Human hands are no longer involved during the production process. That is definitely unique. With this investment, our production capacity has increased considerably. That was necessary, because our volume in washcloth rolls is growing year after year. Why? Partly due to an increase in our export activities. We export our washcloth rolls to more and more countries worldwide. We are doing this under our own brand name PressClean or as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) under our customers' label.”

AtéCé has also invested in new ultra-modern systems for the production of impregnated washcloths. The impregnation is applied by a unique patented system. This ensures that washcloth rolls are immediately ready for use and have excellent washing power. It produces less waste and a significantly shorter washing time. In addition, these PressClean Wet washcloth rolls do not use any toxic, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are definitely less harmful to the environment.

Bernard van Stegeren: ”In addition, the Fogra certification for PressClean washcloth rolls has recently been extended for a period of five years. The certification means that the washcloth rolls are approved for use on all brands of printing presses, including the offset presses of the German manufacturer Koenig & Bauer (KBA). The Fogra quality mark is highly regarded. The Fogra certification demonstrates that our washcloth rolls meet the requirements set by the independent testing institute.”

About AtéCé Graphic Products

With the production of washcloth rolls, AtéCé Graphic Products is one of the largest converters in Europe and is even the market leader in the EU with the PressClean brand. At the Converting Center in Alkmaar, more than 29 million square meters of washcloth rolls are processed annually. The largest volume of PressClean washcloth rolls are exported as cassette rolls - dry and impregnated - to more than 118 countries in the world.

In addition to manufacturing washcloth rolls and PrintCare printing and stripping blankets, coating plates, and underlay material, AtéCé produces Galaxy press chemicals and dispersion and UV coatings in-house. AtéCé also has a state-of-the-art ink laboratory for testing inks and compounding mixing inks. Conventional, food packaging compliant and UV/LED-UV offset inks and (LED)UV flexo inks are mixed there. AtéCé sells printing inks from under own brand Deutsche Druckfarben.


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