AtéCé Graphic Products takes over Beijersbergen & Partners

Image caption: (from left to right) Jeroen Beukman, Tom Kerssens en Bert Schelhaas
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AtéCé Graphic Products and Beijersbergen & Partners have many similarities when it comes to supplying high-quality consumables for the graphics industry and providing optimal services. Those forces are bundled. Beijersbergen & Partners will continue independently as an AtéCé company. "Both companies can therefore make the best use of each other's strengths, specialist knowledge and complement each other more than excellent," says Bert Schelhaas, Managing Director of AtéCé.

Bert Schelhaas: "The decision to come to this joining forces is twofold. Beijersbergen has a nice range for offset printers, but also for flexo printing. This range includes water-based & UV inks, lacquers and adhesives. In addition, Beijersbergen supplies high-quality systems on the Benelux market that add digital UV LED inkjet technology to existing flexo presses and digital production printers for applying cold foil, embossed and Braille effects as well opaque white, among other things. The total Beijersbergen product portfolio and the available knowledge of these products is a nice addition for AtéCé and fits well with our growth strategy. This allows AtéCé to offer its customers a wider range and even more solutions. Joining forces is also important for the development of our ink mixing service. With our offset and flexo inks programme for conventional, H-UV and LED UV and food packaging compliant applications, we want to be an important supplier and further strengthen our market position.

Beijersbergen will continue to operate independently on the Benelux market as a business unit with a permanent group of employees from its current location in Amersfoort and will continue to serve its own customers under the AtéCé umbrella. In time, it will be examined how the integration process of both companies can be completed best. Tom Kerssens will be included as Technical Director & Key Account Manager (Pressroom - Benelux) in the management team of AtéCé Graphic Products.

Tom Kerssens: "To continue as an AtéCé company and to be part of the international group of companies offers our customers nothing but advantages now and in the future. Just look at, for example, the AtéCé product portfolio with prepress solutions. A complete range, strong brands and a good service team with a lot of practical knowledge and experience. Our customers can certainly take advantage of this - and other AtéCé solutions."

About AtéCé Graphic Products

AtéCé Graphic Products is a graphic trading house and independent producer of Galaxy press chemicals, dispersion & UV lacquers, PrintCare blankets and PressClean washcloth rolls. AtéCé exports these products through a network of distributors to more than 80 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.

With its trading activities, AtéCé will focus on the graphics industry in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Serbia as a total supplier directly and with partners. AtéCé supplies almost everything for prepress and press. The product portfolio includes - in addition to the graphic consumables that AtéCé produces itself - brands of which AtéCé has the representation. In the Netherlands, AtéCé is the exclusive representative of Komori offset printing presses and Scodix digital printing finishing presses. In our country, AtéCé represents printing inks of the brands Sun Chemical, Deutsche Druckfarben and the UV, LED UV and H-UV inks from Siegwerk. The range of blankets, strip cloths and lacquer sheets includes the leading brands PrintCare, Conti-Air, Phoenix Xtra Print, Kinyo, Sava and Day. In the Benelux, AtéCé is, among other things, main dealer of the complete range of Kodak graphics products, workflow and equipment and dealer of JWEI cutting plotters and AMS LED UV drying solutions. For the Benelux and Germany, AtéCé is exclusive distributor of CRON CTP solutions and for Europe master distributor for Blackwood, Mitsubishi and NOVA offset plates.

About Beijersbergen & Partners

Beijersbergen & Partners offers a complete range of consumables for the offset and flexo industry. The range includes cleaning agents, wash cloths, moisturizing water additives, inks, lacquers, adhesives, blankets and accessories from leading manufacturers.

Beijersbergen is also a specialist in food packaging compliant consumables for printing food packaging. The program includes Flint Novasens offset inks, Pulse Roll Label WB-Pure Aqua and Puretone FPC UV-Flexo inks, lacquers, hot melt adhesives from Henkel, heat seal adhesives from Ashland and Isega certified detergents, moisture waters and blankets.

Beijersbergen has a professional mixing service for production inks. The account managers have a solid graphic background and are able to provide customers with exactly the right products


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