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Violet Digiplater VDP-CF3070

Economical CtP innovation in a compact unit

The Violet Digiplater VDP-CF3070 sets a new standard for offset printing in the small to medium-sized print market. This unique system even allows you to expose in the 4-page XL format. The fully-automatic Violet Digiplater outputs approx. 20 plates per hour at a resolution of 2,540 dpi (at maximum format) With 2 roll magazines and the integrated register punch, the Violet Digiplate System offers ideal operating conditions where two plate formats can be output automatically without any loss in material or time. This innovative, compact and fully-automatic CTP platesetter is characterized by its environmental friendliness and extremely low energy consumption and a minimal CO² footprint.



  • Absolutely chem-free plate production

  • Wash-off only with water

  • Optimum environmental performance

  • Low CO² emission values

  • Considerably reduced energy consumption

Smart Design, Ease of use
  • Universal and flexible: for B3 and B2 format

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Easy operation

  • Very compact design

Violet Digiplate VDP-CF3070


Technical Specifications
Type of plate Violet-sensitive CTP polyester plate on photopolymer base
Plate gauge 0,2 mm and 0,3 mm
Plate line screen Max. 200 lpi
Print run length 20,000 impressions (under standard printing conditions)
Printing performance Performs with regular fountain solution and ink
Type of platesetter Internal drum with integrated printing compliant register punch
Material supply 2 magazines for roll material, 45 m roll at 0.2 mm gauge, 41 m roll at 0.3 mm gauge
Plate format Max. 780 mm x 680 mm, Min. 305 mm x 305 mm
Light source 60 mW Violet laser diode (405 nm)
Resolution 2,540 dpi, 1,270 dpi
Recording speed Approx. 20 plates/hr at 2,540 dpi
Chem-free wash-off unit Integrated wash-off unit with water in closed 28 litres unit, no water supply needed,no plate heating between imaging and wash-off necessary, wash-off water can be recycled by means of a recycling unit. No plate gumming.
Power requirements 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 amps
Environment 18 – 25 °C, 40 – 60 % relative humidity
Weight 550 kg
Dimensions (W) 138 cm x (D) 98 cm x (H) 147 cm
RIP-Software Harlequin-RIP of latest generation in German language (optional)
RIP-Hardware Intel-Core-PC latest generation (optional)


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