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Violet Digiplate printing plate

Excellent printability

The Violet Digiplate (VDP) combines chem-free CTP production with an outstanding offset printing plate quality. The violet sensitive Digiplate uses a polymer cross-linking technology that requires no chemical processing to create the image area. This unique plate requires only water for wash-off, no pre-heating and no gumming. The Violet Digiplate, available on polyester base, resembles a typical metal plate with a gray background and a clearly visible blue image area, allowing for easy plate inspection prior to mounting and while on the press. In addition, the VDP features excellent printability due to maximum resolution.


CO2 emission of plate material


Outstanding printing characteristics

  • Press runs up to 20,000 impressions

  • Plate thickness 0.2 and 0.3 mm

  • Excellent ink/water balance

  • Resolution 2,540 dpi, 200 lpi

Unique price/performance ratio

  • Reduced overhead expenses with fully automated operation

  • Investment costs are significantly lower compared to metal CTP system


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