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For many years, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Japan produces at its plant in Kyoto excellent materials for the graphic world market. Repro-film materials and offset printing plates as well as high-end paper materials are developed in the Mitsubishi laboratories and manufactured on ultra-modern processing plants.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills is an industry leader in polyester- and paper-based silver halide printing plates, with many years of experience in the field of CTP. Our extremely compact CTP platesetter units meet the needs of the small to medium sized printers. Polyester CTP systems have risen in popularity as printers discover their superior value and solid performance compared to metal CTP systems. With Polyester CTP, customers can adopt CTP technology with low investment costs, yet produce quality output as good as metal CTP and with less chemistry.
Work green and grow your business
Sustainability and environmental friendliness are of particular importance for our product development. So we have succeeded to develop CTP imagesetters working without any chemicals. The platesetter VDP-CF3070 from our latest generation of devices, develops the plates with water only, our Thermal Digiplater TDP-459II/324II and TDP-750 platesetter even work without chemical development. The CTP systems by Mitsubishi Paper are the right choice for printers who want to work more green without sacrificing quality.

Violet Digiplate System

The pioneering and efficient technology distinguish the CTP platesetter system Violet Digiplate. In terms of environmental system it scores with the low energy consumption and the completely chemical-free operation. This unique system utilizes a polymer cross linking technology that requires no chemical processing to create the image area.

> Violet Digiplater VDP-CF3070

Printing plate:
> Violet Digiplate printing plate

> Violet Digiplate System


Silver Digiplate System

Mitsubishi Paper Mills is a global leader when it comes to the manufacture of CTP polyester- and paper based silver halide printing plates. Mitsubishi’s Silver Digiplate system, which is most widely used polyester CTP system on the market, has more than 10,000 installations worldwide and is available in both polyester and paper based plate material. It is compatible with most laser imagesetters and is highly suitable for special CtP imagesetters in the medium format.

CTP polyester platesetter for Silver Digiplate

Mitsubishi Paper has many years of experience in the field of CTP. This enables it to match imagesetter and materials to perfection. Virtually any filmsetter or even special polyester platesetter can process Mitsubishi plate technology in a cost-effective production line. The Mitsubishi Silver Digiplate polyester plate is perfectly adapted to the requirements of such polyester platesetters of the series DPX and Eco 1630.

> DPX2
> DPX4 Eco
> SDP-Eco 1630IIIR

Printing plate:
> Silver Digiplate Plate Material

> Datasheet: DPX2
> Datasheet: DPX4 Eco
> Datasheet: SDP-ECO 1630 IIIR
> Datasheet: SDP-RIP
> Datasheet: Silver Digiplate
> Manual: Instructions Silver Digiplate

Thermal Digiplate System

The Thermal Digiplate System is a 2-page CTP system which is the ideal, environmentally-friendly solution for small-offset printers for improving the analogue and electrostatic printing plate production. Thermal Digiplate is an absolutely process-free system . No consumables are necessary, only the resin-coated paper-based printing plate.

> TDP-324II Platemaker
> TDP-459 II Platemaker
> TDP-750 Platemaker

Printing plate:
> Thermal Digiplate TDP-R175 paper plate

> Datasheet: Thermal Digiplater TDP-459II, 324II
> Datasheet: Thermal Digiplater TDP-750


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