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For many years, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Japan produces at its plant in Kyoto excellent materials for the graphic world market. Repro-film materials and offset printing plates as well as high-end paper materials are developed in the Mitsubishi laboratories and manufactured on ultra-modern processing plants.

The need for conventional film material still remains unchanged despite the direct imaging. The film material is mostly processed in the contact exposure.

With the inkjet film UC100 and UC100 matt and the graphic arts film IFL100 Mitsubishi offers two innovative and extremely eco-friendly materials.


Thermal Digifilm System

The Thermal Film is the perfect process-free CTP solution by Mitsubishi Paper Mills.

> Thermalsetter TDP-459II/324II and TDP-750

> IFL Thermal Film

> Thermal Digiplater TDP-459II, 324II

Inkjet Film

Since the introduction of Computer-to-Plate, many companies have switched from film setting to digital CtP systems, with sales of filmsetters declining sharply. Despite everything, however, the majority of offset companies, screen printers, stamp manufacturers, flexographic printers and other users are reliant on film production. Mitsubishi Inkjet Film UC100 and UC100 matt opens up undreamt of possibilities for this target group. Extremely affordable, superior films can be produced on a standard inkjet printer. Various formats can be used depending on the printer.

> Inkjet Film UC100/UC100 matte

> Inkjet Film UC100


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